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The gradual change in the fashion industry that took throughout the eighties, and the growing importance of fashion designers lead GFT to invest on new trademarks that progressively established themselves worldwide. These were the years of Valentino, Ungaro and Giorgio Armani who initially designed their men’s collections for the Turin group. The success of these designers caused the FACIS label to fade into the background, but nonetheless, the most renowned collections of the “made in Italy” tradition are still realised in the production facilities of the Company, following a consolidated system that guarantees a top-quality make and finish. In the new millennium, and precisely in 2002, three brothers once again determined a turning point for FACIS. Carmelo, Piero and Giovanni Bucalo, owners of MEDICONF spa, a leading textiles and clothing Company specialised, like GFT, in the supply of uniforms for public administration, bought 100% of FACIS spa and all of its production facilities. A new synergy between the production plants of the Group thus took shape, together with a new company strategy that aimed at re-launching the trademark both in Italy and worldwide. For the past two decades the company has been led by pool of managers (after the Rivetti family left the scene) which have created new collections and made new investments that have allowed it to establish itself firmly on the market once again, and that have made it into a solid Group led by a strong entrepreneurial figure. New collections that interpret the most innovative trends of the market and of consumers, but also a wider range of products that includes, a part from the traditional outerwear, also shirts, knitwear, accessories and a complete line of sportswear. New investments have also been destined to advertising, thanks to which FACIS has become a protagonist of the market with its advertising campaign photographed by Bob Krieger. In so much innovation, a couple of things have not changed: quality and wearability, which still make FACIS a unique reference point of the Italian market, thanks to its range of eighty-seven sizes and to its accurate Made To Measure Service.


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