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The FACIS label first appeared as “Fabbrica Abiti Confezionati In Serie” in 1932, but in reality,its embryo, or in other words, the idea of ready-made men’s suit that revolutionised the very concept of the suit in Italy, had already been conceived many years before. In fact, it all started when Giuseppe, Antonio and Giovanni Rivetti, who had founded a manufacturing activity in the Biellese area in 1872, and David Emanuel Levi, who had founded a textile business in Turin and Chiasso in 1865, merged thus creating the Gruppo Finanziario Tessile, also known as GFT, which finally gave life to the FACIS label. In actual fact, the fist prototype of a ready-to-wear suit was created in 1887: a prototype that can rightfully be considered as the symbol of forthcoming latent trends. The outbreak of the war did not stop the activities of the company as, together with plain clothes, it started producing uniform for the army. The most significant turning point for the company occurred right after the war, when the FACIS label began its revolution of the Italian formal menswear market. This was achieved thanks to the intuition of the three young owners of the Lanifici Rivetti of the time, Franco, Silvio and Piergiorgio Rivetti, successors of the original founders, who were ready to bet on the future of ready-made clothing items. This idea took hold of the three young men following their many trips overseas, and in particular to the United States. Their Higher-than-average cultural level allowed them to understand beforehand that post-war Italy would become an integral part of the new Western world, and, would thus be different from the pre-war reality, especially as far as the relationship with the United States was concerned. From the U.S., in fact, new ways of intending consumption would soon be borrowed and among these, there was also a new way of intending the clothing industry. The Rivetti family was convinced that a development in this direction would bring a growing demand for ready-to-wear suits into the Italian market where, on the other hand, supply was still basically dominated by the small artisan tailor shops. Firmly believing in this idea, the Rivetti brothers launched the productive and commercial activities of the FACIS label.


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