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Facis guarantees a quality result that the “fake” made in Italy simply cannot, and this is achieved thanks to the workmanship that only a company that is truly rooted in the territory like Facis can guarantee, and also thanks to the experience it has acquired as a leader of the sector. We must not forget, in fact, that it was the first company to industrialise tailoring and to transform it into a process that counts more than 130 passages to make a suit, and where manual skill and accuracy perfectly harmonise with the precision conveyed by the use of machinery. The style is formal, the making is sartorial, and finishing is impeccable. In the making of jackets and suits, that represent both the classic and casual tastes primary importance is given to the perfection of the fit and to the choice of fabrics, which are always top-quality.Facis thus keeps true to the principles of classic elegance, concentrating its more innovative features in the stylistic nuances, in the matter effects and in the refined elegance of the details.

Designing is an alchemy that plays upon details.
The outerwear items present a variety of sartorial details:
- Corozo buttons
- Curved breast pocket
- Rounded pockets
- Shoulder cut that is tilted backwards so as to convey a greater comfort
- Rounded or cigarette shoulders
- Chest and collar tilted upwards
- Slightly contrasting revere and tear-shaped buttonhole
- Sleeve-ends with true button holes
- Under-collar in quilted melton cloth
- Tack-stitching both on inner and outer pockets
- Artificial silk body lining
- Striped sleeve lining
- Shoulder folds
- Sweat-guard
- Interior lining with fabric insertions for the two horizontal pockets
- Contrasting Columbia stitching defined the edge of the lining and cigarette pocket
- Inner pocket with deeper bottom to hold an airplane ticket

The Facis Style is not only limited to traditional outerwear, as it also finds expression in the shirt sector, including both classic and casual-style shirts with sartorial stitches and trimmings that are perfectly in line with the rest of the proposals, including a variety of loose and stiff collar insertions with fixed or removable bones. The Facis knitwear proposals are in line with the trends as far as colours and wearability are concerned, and include three typologies: Basic, Classic and Fashion.As far sportswear is concerned, but it would be more appropriate to speak of urban wear, the range of proposals is extremely wide and conveys a touch of dynamism to the entire menswear collection, as required by the contemporary taste.


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