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The Models Division, together with supporting the activities of the Product/Selection Division, also takes care of creating the season’s models. The guidelines of this process are defined in a number of meetings that take plece between the staff of these divisions, the Development manager and the Sales manager, giving their own contribution in terms of customer demands. The FACIS production system includes a very scrupulous development process: first of all, a series of prototypes in the size that is most demanded by the market are realised. Secondly, the Developments manager and Product/Selection division analyse, check and evaluate all the defining parameters. Particular importance is given, in this phase, to wearability, which is tested on models. Finally, another series of prototypes are realised and tested, and then this final process is repeated until the desired result is achieved. The second phase of the model designing process involves the development of the sizes. This is an extremely complex phase that has resulted from a long and accurate series of anthropometrical surveys carried out on sample groups that represent the population as closely as possible. The Company gives primary importance to this aspect and so much so, that its competence and accuracy have become proverbial.
A series of parameters have thus been established so as to guarantee maximun wearability:
- 12 sizes:from size 44 to size 66
- Over-sizes deserve to be dealt with separately. They include a super-extra-long height and sizes that range from size 50 to size 66, and an outsize height with sizes that range from size 58 to size 74.
- There are 7 drops, ranging from 0 to 7
- And 5 heights, Ec-C-R-L-Xl from extra-short o extra-long
All these different variables can be combined together to form more than 380 different combinations.


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